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Penny is the dream host for dog owners.

°180 at Mission House gets the FULL HOUSE approval.


Mia, Moby, and I went on this adventure on our own and we loved every single minute.

You have the entire place to yourself, a fenced-off garden around the house, and a MASSIVE field right outside your gate.



The Dog Stuff

The field does have cows and horses who pass through as well as an open gate to the road so I suggest keeping that gate closed when you are not watching the pups.

Moby and Mia loved every minute of those fields, yes fieldS, plural.

After the massive field by your gate, there are plenty more around you that you can go for walks on.

There isn't a water source to cool off but that did not stop Moby and Mia from rolling in mud, chasing her ball, and loving every minute.




°180 at Mission House has one gorgeous bed with an en suite bathroom, including a shower, and a bedroom door opening onto the garden.

The open plan living room, kitchen and dining room is spacious, clean and inviting.

The wifi is incredible. I was able to work and stream Netflix very easily. PLUS there is full DSTV as well.


I cannot say enough about how incredible my experience from beginning to end was.

Thank you Penny for being the true definition of pet friendly.




The House Stuff
6/6 Approved