About the Pack

Every dog is unique and so no "Pet Friendly" box ticked on an accommodation advert will be sufficient to let you know if that place is suited for your pup.


We decided to take matters into our own paws and bring you a very relatable and efficient way of checking to see if a place you are visiting is just saying it's "Pet Friendly" or if in fact, it is Mia and Moby approved.


They have plenty of 4 legged friends who have come along to certain places and we found, very quickly, that each place had its own challenges and benefits for each dog.


This realization led us to create THE PACK APPROVANATOR, The Pet PA for short.

How it works:

Meet the Pack


Moby & Lily



Harvey & Hugo

The Adventurer

- Water to swim

- Plenty of space to run and throw a ball

- Lenient rules on dogs being inside and on furniture (Mia is a mess when there is water and mud around)

- Fenced so they don't disappear


The Reactive & Hyper

- No  nearby neighbours

- You have the whole space to yourself

- Plenty of space to run and burn energy

- Limited contact with the owners, their animals and their space

- Fenced for their own safety

The Cute and Fluffy

- Can interact with owners, neighbours and new animals

- Minimal mess

- Fit for a queen and king 

- A garden in case they want to explore now and then

The Small

- Securely fenced so no small dogs can squeeze out

- Lenient rules regarding dogs on furniture for cuddles

- Happy to interact with owners, new dogs and people


The Vertically Challenged

- No stairs. Everything is on one level

- A pool or cool tiles to cool them down

- Happy to interact with owners, new dogs and people



The Star Child

Gabby recently passed away and we will sorely miss her on our adventures. 

So this one is dedicated to her as absolutely any place would be lucky to have her.

RIP Beautiful Soul