Saamrus, Magaliesburg

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Saamrus, Magaliesburg, Gauteng

Saamrus is a self catering, pet friendly, farm cottages type of accomdation.

What drew me to Saamrus was the short drive from Joburg but also that each unit had their own fenced off area.

When you arrive you immediately know you are in nature and the pups knew it too.

Our unit was called Piet-my-Vrou which was just 60m up the hill, all clearly indicated on the website. The team communicated to us that we could park our non 4x4 car at the bottom and could walk up to the unit which we did. We worked up a sweat but that was because it was the middle of December :)

This hill, however, is not suitable for dogs like Harvey, Hugo and Gabby. It is quite a walk so older dogs will struggle and there is no real place for the Frenchies to cool off at the unit. Their bodies will struggle to cool down in Summer.




The Dog Stuff

The farm is beautiful and spacious. As you walk down the hill and towards the reception and pool area you will see it completely opens up for the pups to run free and play. When we passed the owner and went to put Moby on a leash, he immediately told us that no dogs must be on leash as this farm is for the dogs. Just hearing that immediately calmed my nerves and knew the reactive Mobster was free to be his self here.

We went on 2/3 walks every day, through the field, down the river, and around the trails, during which we passed 2 people.





There is a beautiful fenced off pool area open to all their guests to cool off.

Enjoy the pool and sun knowing your dogs won't disappear but still have plenty space to run and play. 

Small touches, like proper fenced off areas, are what made this trip such a treat.

When we went for one walk there were dogs in the pool area and we were able to walk past happily knowing there would be no altercations with the fence being there.

Small dogs won't be able to get through the fences either.




We spent about 4 days there and were in heaven. We really had plenty freedom to do whatever we pleased whilst knowing that our pups were in the best place for them. 

We did find a few ticks but they were dead as the pups are on Bravecto so we do recommend that your pups come prepared. With nature, ticks are inevitable so we suggest always keeping your pups protected.

While we were there, there was an influx of flies due to a chicken farm nearby which put a damper on the trip a bit BUT the team were incredible, they came to the units and insured we had everything we needed and explained exactly what was going on.



As mentioned above, we stayed at the Piet-my-Vrou unit and it was so lovely. It was simple, quaint and clean. It had everything you needed and it did not feel like you had dirty puppies who were messing the place up.

Concrete floors made the room very very pet friendly. 

You get a little kitchenette with a stove, microwave, fridge and kettle, with a kitchen table too. The braai area outside also came in handy.

A beautiful king sized bed with a TV, and a few DSTV channels.

A stunning fire place which we did not need to use in December.

A bathroom en suite with a bath and shower combined, next to a gorgeous big window so you felt like you were bathing in nature.

The highlight for me was sitting in the lounging chairs on the patio in the early morning and late afternoon while watching the pups play and the sun rising and setting.




The House Stuff
4/6 Approved