Vaal Marina, Gauteng

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This AirBnB did not disappoint. There were 8 humans and 8 dogs on this adventure and it never felt like that many legs were in one house.

We spent almost all of the time on the patio and outside. 

If we weren't laying by the pool and playing with the dogs, we headed down to the dam, which was about a 300m walk.

The next house is so far away that running into another dog or a human was just not even on our minds.





The Dog Stuff


The home is massive and the plot of land it is on is on another level. There is no limit for how far the pups can run and play but the most important part is that the house itself and the area around the pool is fenced off so the bigger pups will not disappear.

However the fence is not sufficient for smaller pups like Arthur who snuck through the fence very easily

Harvey and Hugo were big enough to not fit through the fence but the stairs to the bedrooms were not the best for their little bodies.


You are getting 15 beds, 5 bedrooms and 5,5 bathrooms.

A beautifully, modern kitchen with everything you need. We cooked some delicious meals and ate family style at the stunning dining room table. 

There is no wifi but we weren't there for that so we didn't really notice it. 

The home is tiled downstairs so wet and muddy puppies from the pool and dam were not a problem. The couches were also made for pet friendly accomodation and the dogs LOVED it.



The House Stuff
3/6 Approved